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 SCLM is about getting the right strategy and planning your ideal client lifecycle. 

SCLM Plus is a hybrid approach.  Full access to online resources that help you build your SCLM plan and implementation but with the added reassurance of unlimited email support.  We’ll also give you an hour of “done for you” implementation along with discounts for further hours.

Along with office hours, this means you don’t have to stay stuck.


“think of it as software being the gym membership that gives you access to the equipment to get you fit, whilst the SCLM package is the trainer package that gives you the guidance to get the most out of your efforts”

If you aren’t certain or want to find out more schedule a meeting to discuss.

“A great product and great software means nothing without the right strategy and consistent application.  That’s what we bring you.”

Our recommended app is KEAP Business Automation. 

The SCLM process provides the strategy and tactics that can be used with any software.  Our examples of how to build automation will use the Keap platform

Current Offer: Keap Pro

As a KEAP Certified Partner we can offer a discount on our recommended software.  Click below to find out what we currently have available:


“Business Automation is like having an extra effective employee who never frogets anything, never gets tired, never taks holidays, or leave your company!”

And then to get the most out of your app:



This is the package for you if you are looking to implement your automation quickly, or maybe less confident with the tech.  This is a step up from the online package giving more opportunities for individual support.

  • Full acces to LEFf Autoacademy.  resources to help you get going and get the best out of your automation journey.
  • Monthly update, an email with the latest news on use cases, new features and timely suggestions.
  • Unlimited email support
  • Bi-Weekly Office hours.  Online access to a group Zoom call where we discuss issues or how to address particular applications.
  • 1 hour a month implementation time is included in the package along with a discount on any further time of £75/hr as opposed to £150/hr
  • If you buy Keap through us we’ll provide 6 campaigns along with the support to get them going.

Where the previous package was guidance this is more like having a personal trainer putting you through your paces!!


£79 pm