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SCLM Educator


As a Business Coach or Consultant, you work to improve your clients’ business.  You have the skills, knowledge and understanding to pass on that will greatly impact your clients.


  • You are spending too much time on routine/repeated tasks.
  • Your marketing is not focused and attracting the right clients.
  • You are working hard to bring in the next client.
  • You don’t always find yourself working with your ideal clients.

All this limits your earning potential and creates unnecessary stress.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X

Our Service

“The only thing that is more expensive than education is ignorance.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Why SCLM Educator?

We have called this programme Educator because that’s what the best coaches, consultants and advisors do.  They pass on and reinforce key information, skills and values to their clients!  And this educative approach can help in all aspects of your business from attracting the right prospects that want to learn what you teach, to the nurturing process when you build on their knowledge, to creating raving fans the have a successful business because of what you could teach them.

SCLM Educator is a programme tailor-made for you.  Build the ideal client lifecycle, create and automate the processes that implement this, and then spend your time working with the right clients that you can get great results for.

“Educative marketing – informs and entertains your ideal client whilst positioning you as the expert in your field.  What more could you ask for?”


Build you business

Plan your ideal client lifecycle and get the right processes in place.  Make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities and provide a consistent experience for your clients.  Leverage you client list to bring in more business

Make sure your clients are happy

Providing the ideal client journey means that your are creating raving fans.  It allows you to impart and reinforce the skills and knowledge that makes their life and business easier.  They become advocates that  bring in new clients.

Get the Balance right

Spending more time on what you do best with the clients you can get the best results for means you are getting best value for your time and not having to work excessive hours.  More revenue, better working life and a better life balance.

What’s Holding You Back?

“Genius without education is like silver in the mine.”

Benjamin Franklin

Problems and Frustrations

As a busy business owner, you would like to focus on working with your clients and getting the best for them.  Unfortunately you can get bogged down in the routine tasks and administration which means you are not giving your clients the best experience.  You understand that marketing is crucial but you’re not sure which marketing works and which is wasting time.  You also want to provide a consistently good service to clients giving them access to your materials to reinforce your teaching.  Do you always have the right client in front of you?  How do you select the people who can work well for you

How can SCLM Educator Help

This is a system and set of tools that have been designed to work with coaches, consultants and advisors allowing you to sell your knowledge and skills effectively and produce the right results for your clients.  We plan out your ideal client lifecycle and then build the tools that can implement this with minimal input.  You can gain the right clients, provide them with an effective and consistent experience, and then leverage your list to bring in more business.

How can We Help?

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

What Our Clients Say


“working with LEFf Business has given me a real sense of the whole life cycle of my clients and presented many options to manage processes automatically to ensure I don’t lose any opportunities. I’m now able to more effective in using my time to best serve a much broader range of clients”


“LEFf has planned, implemented and adapted our systems effectively.  They have produced an ideal client lifecycle with automation that allow us to spend more time with members”

Rhagori Ltd

“LEFf has set up our CRM (Keap) to nurture potential clients, automate appointment setting and communicate with current clients, our recent revision sessions were filled in a few days simply be emailing our list”

Reliable Partner

Technology Stack

We’ll deall with the technology required.  Get you the right software and set it up following the SCLM plan. This includes:

  • CRM – organise client and prospect data in one place.
  • Landing pages and  Webforms – collect information automatically.
  • Email sequences to nurture, onboard and creat raving fans.
  • Sales Pipeline – know where your prospects and clients are within the system
  • Quotes and Invoices – automate proposals and payments
  • Calendar – take the stress out of booking appointments.



Book a Planning Call

  • Book a Call 
  • Plan out the ideal client lifecycle using the SCLM framework
  • Identify priorities for the business.
  • Formulate an implementation plan.


  • Set up Keap account with company branding
  • Set up automation.
  • Implementation sessions for each of the key stages including any training required.

Review, Refine and Report

  • Organise regular review meetings 
  • Create reports for the different campaigns and automation.
  • Identify best opportunities
  • Identify any leaks in the process

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Don’t Stay Stuck

As an Educator client, we will have regular meetings during the implementation period where we will take you through the automation set-up and train you on their use.  Any problems you have unlimited email support and are able to book quick calls to go over issues.  The LEFf Autoacademy will also have resources linked to the automation as well as for the SCLM process.

“If someone is going down the wrong road, they don’t need motivation to speed them up. What they need is education to turn them around.”

Jim Rohn