Progressive Profiling

Written by Dyfrig

30 Jun, 2023

Progressive profiling sounds like something done by a trendy detective but really, I’m thinking of ways in which we can gradually collect more information about your prospects and clients over time. Rather than overwhelming them with a lengthy form or survey upfront, progressive profiling allows you to gather data incrementally. Why?  Well:

  • It provides an Enhanced User Experience: By breaking the information gathering process into smaller, manageable steps, progressive profiling creates a smoother, less intrusive user experience. It reduces the friction associated with lengthy forms, increasing the likelihood that individuals will engage and supply the requested information. This approach is particularly useful in situations where you want to capture data from website visitors, subscribers, or users of online services. Start by collecting only an email and first name, then as you supply more useful, educational and entertaining material they will be happy to provide more. If they don’t find you educational or entertaining, they weren’t your client!
  • It can Increase Conversion Rates: Progressive profiling can help improve conversion rates by lowering the barriers to entry for potential leads. Rather than asking for extensive details all at once, you can request essential information initially and gradually ask for more details as the relationship progresses. This gradual approach encourages higher completion rates and allows individuals to engage with your brand without feeling overwhelmed.
  • It can reduce unsubscribes! If you find out peoples individual preferences for email frequency and then stick to it then they are less likely to unsubscribe.  They may want to continue receiving weekly mails or prefer a monthly summary.  They may want information only on certain products.  If you are giving them what they want, why would they unsubscribe.  As a bonus your email are more likely to be opened and read which crucially this can improve deliverability of your emails, engaged clients open more mail therefore your messages are seen as welcome and should avoid the spam folder.
  • More Personalised Communication: As you collect more information about your prospects and clients through progressive profiling, you gain insights that enable you to tailor your communication and offers to their specific needs and interests. By understanding their preferences, demographics, and behaviours, you can send targeted messages, product recommendations, or promotional offers that resonate with them. This personalisation enhances the overall customer experience and increases the chances of driving engagement and conversions.
  • Better Data Quality and Accuracy: your data becomes more accurate and of higher quality by reducing the chances of errors or incomplete information. When individuals supply data in smaller increments, they are more likely to supply correct and reliable information. It also allows for data validation and verification at each step, ensuring that the information you collect is valid and up to date.
  • Great for Relationship Development: By gradually learning more about your prospects and clients, you can develop deeper relationships based on trust and relevance. As you gather information about their preferences, challenges, and goals, you can supply targeted solutions and value-added services that meet their specific needs. This personalised approach shows your understanding and commitment, fostering stronger connections and long-term loyalty. By gathering data on your best clients, you are able to better target your lead generation at prospects who fit this “best client” profile!
  • Keeps you Compliant with Data Privacy Regulations: Progressive profiling can help you follow data privacy regulations, such as the dreaded General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR. By collecting data in a transparent and incremental manner, you give individuals more control over the information they share. You can also obtain explicit consent at each step, ensuring that you adhere to privacy regulations and keep data secure.

User experience, conversion rates, personalised communication, data quality, relationship development, deliverability and compliance. So many benefits that come by thinking carefully about what we need from our prospects and clients and how it should be collected.  By building this into your customer lifecycle you can gain valuable insights into your prospects and clients while supplying a seamless and tailored experience that fosters engagement and trust.

My Name is Dyfrig and I help businesses think in terms of Smart Client Lifecycle Management to plan and implement the systems and automation that improve client experiences, create a sustainable business, and increase revenue.

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