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Smart Client Lifecycle Management Packages

 SCLM is all about getting the right strategy in place and planning your ideal client lifecycle. 

What we are looking to do is ensure that this ideal client experience becomes consistent for everyone by automating most of the processes.  Our usual recommendation for this is the Keap Business Automation software that is sold separately.  For a closer look at the software take a look at this demo.  

By buying through us you can take advantage of discounts as well as prebuilt campaigns that can get you going quickly.  See below for the current discount available:

Current Offer: Keap Pro

As a KEAP Certified Partner we can offer a discount on our recommended software.  Click below to find out what we currently have available:


This is a quick comparision of the packages available:

SCLM Kickstarter

The quick way to get started!  A whirlwind guide to get your software set up and campaign up and running in the shortest time.  It includes:

    Three Onboarding Calls


    1. Basic Set up including:

      • Complete Business Profile
      • Import Contacts and organise with Tags and Custom fields
      • Set up Email and send Broadcast
      • Set up Keap Mobile App

    2. Communicate with the World

      • Set up a public and internal form
      • Set up Google review
      • Set up Appointments
      • Create a Landing Page

    3.  Get paid and Keep Track

      • Set up payments
      • Set up a pipeline
      • Simple and Complex Automation

    PreBuilt Campaigns 


    Collect Leads

      • Network Follow up
      • Lead Magnet Download
      • Invite to Webinar

    Capture Clients

      • 7 Step Sales Sequence
      • Consultation Invitation
      • Lead Magnet follow up

    Create Fans

      • New Customer Welcome
      • Client Questionnaire
      • Review Request
      • Upsell Offer

    £200 + VAT