How can Lifecycle Management help you?

Written by Dyfrig

9 May, 2023

How can Lifecyle Management help in the coaching/consulting space?

If you provide a service to other businesses, you have a lot on your plate. Between working with clients, marketing your business, and managing administrative tasks, it can be challenging to keep everything organised and on track. That’s where Smart Client Lifecycle Management (SCLM) comes in.  Planning out your ideal client journey, building the right processes, and then using the right software to automate tasks can help free up your time as well as gaining and keeping more of the right clients.

Sarah is a wellness coach working with business owners. She can work online with the clients collecting basic information via questionnaire, saving time during Zoom meetings.  In fact, until the fact finding questionnaire is complete the link to book a Zoom meeting is not sent.  She can quickly produce their exercise and food plan by adapting a template then add them to an automation sequence to remind and track clients automatically.

Planning out what information you need and how to collect it from clients is a great time saver but also if you work in different niches and with people with different preferences it can help you provide personalised and timely messages for your clients and prospects.

Noel works with businesses of different sizes and types providing a range of services from small scale online and local events to larger scale expos.  He can collect information from prospects and clients, refine and keep it updated automatically.  The messages that are sent will be personalised and well timed for the individual around events they are interested in.  He can also tailor frequency by asking for preferences.  By using their preference and interests he has an engaged list unlikely to ignore emails or unsubscribe from his list.

Lifecycle management hinges on providing a better client experience. An automated onboarding process for new clients ensures their experience is consistent, positive and professional.  It also engenders confidence they have made the right decision and positions you as an expert in your field.

Sarah sends out a welcome email that reinforces her marketing and emphasises the benefits of her service.  She follows up with “What happens next, and a FAQ messages.  There is also a first opportunity to upgrade to a premium service.

Lifecycle management can also help you streamline your marketing efforts. For instance, you can create automated email campaigns to nurture leads, educate prospects, and promote your services. By sending targeted messages to the right people at the right time, you can increase your conversion rates and grow your business.

Dave supplies an educational service to High school learners and their parents.  Whilst supplying a lot of useful information on social media he also offers a free eBook and video series in exchange for email addresses.  The nurture sequence provides prospects with more value, and they are then ready to buy when an event or course is offered.

As the name suggests this is a lifecycle so it’s also crucial that it addresses how you retain current clients and use them to bring in more revenue.

Idris provides an IT service and keeps regular contact with his clients reminding them of the service they provide and peace of mind that comes from it.  He regularly tracks satisfaction through short surveys and uses the results to targets the happiest clients to request testimonials and referrals.

As your business builds it’s important to move away from exchanging time for money.  Going from one-to-one relationship to supplying a productised service is the “next step” within the lifecycle management framework.

Mary is experienced in supplying training and consultancy within recruitment and professional development.  She set up a short online course for one of her previously in-person programmes with automation that tracked progress through the course and sent reminders.  Essentially an evergreen offering with the purchasing and login all automated it brings in a useful revenue.  A bonus is that many who take the course then also signed up for premium 1-1 coaching.

Lifecycle management is a powerful tool that can help small businesses save time, give a better client experience, and grow their business. By automating routine tasks, you can focus on what you do best – collaborating directly with your clients and helping them achieve their goals.

My Name is Dyfrig and I help businesses think in terms of Smart Client Lifecycle Management to plan and implement the systems and automation that improve client experiences, create a sustainable business, and increase revenue.

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