Email is Dead!!?

Email is Dead!!

Written by Dyfrig

1 May, 2020

Email is Dead

Yes, you come across this sort of title quite often. Move on to new ways of communication, the latest social platform, instant messaging, chatbots, AI, and on and on. The trouble with ever declaring the death of something is that it has a nasty habit of coming back to life. Look at direct mail and telesales, should they still be around? Yet, there are many companies doing very nicely out of the results they bring. The latest stats I could find showed there are 3.8 billion email accounts compared to the largest social media platform, Facebook, with a mere 2.2 billion! You may argue that Facebook is closing fast on it’s more established rival but there are other factors that need to be taken into account, many of which are discussed in the Wall Street Journal Article by Christopher Mims.

The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email

It’s well worth a read but in essence the main points are that email:gives the greatest return on marketing spend does not rely on an instant response, recipients can consume at their leisure is an open system with no terms of service is not likely to change the rules or costs of use Also when you have someone’s email address you own that data, subject to GDPR of course, and can control your contact with them. Talking of GDPR brings us to the unsubscribe button, which may on the face of it appear to be a disadvantage, but for a marketer it’s a real driver to produce thoughtful and apporpriate content for your audience. Do this and anyone who unsubscribes would never have been a client anyway. One of the examples given in the article is that of Hiut Denim, the Welsh company beloved of Meghan Markle, and its co-founder David who produces a regular newsletter with content of interest to subscribers whether they were jeans buyers or not. As he states he would prefer a list of 1000 emails than 100,000 followers on Twitter or Instagram because the mailing lists are worth more to the business. This is not to suggest that you abandon social media or rely on email only; it’s just a reminder that anyone who talks or thinks in absolutes is almost certainly wrong. A good, engaged email list is the basis of a successful business and your activities on social media should be drawing the right clients to your list. If you want to find out how to set up an email marketing system click on the link below to book a quick call to see how this could be implemented in your business.

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