LEFf Business

Compare the Software and the Support

  Businesses will have different needs and support requirements, which is why there are different packages available.  For each package there is a software app and support.  To see hw they compare both are shown below.

If you aren’t certain or want to find out more schedule a meeting to discuss.

These are the apps available.  You can buy these on the link at the bottom of each column which will get you the best discount available.


Currently 50% for the 1st 2 months

You can also choose a support package that suits you best.

Whether Online or face to face; after the initial meeting, we will have a good understanding of your business challenges and priorities then, having helped set up your account, we’ll build, or help you build bespoke automation.  These may include, but are not limited to;

  • Being able to collect contact details quickly and easily from your website, social media account or PPC marketing

  • Nurture sequence that converts prospects into clients and identifies the hot prospects form their responses

  • Collecting contact details and following up from live events, Expos and network meetings

  • Reactivation campaigns for former/lapsed customers

  • On-boarding sequences for new clients

  • Creating and sending invoices, tracking payments

  • Referral campaigns

  • Collecting customer feedback and testimonials