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“Simplyfing Business Life”

Smart Client Lifecycle Management (SCLM) is all about building business processes and setting up automations that takes your clients from first contact to raving fans meaning you miss fewer opportunities, earn more money, and save time.

* Do you run a business and feel overwhelmed by routine tasks, marketing, and business processes?

* Do you feel you lack time to do what you are best at?

* Are you concerned that you are missing out on opportunities?


By planning your ideal client lifecycle then setting up automated systems for your sales, marketing, and client journey we can ensure maximum return on your time and effort to build a sustainable and scalable business.



Take a look at the advantages of the SCLM approach.

Get It Done With Us

How do we make this happen?  Whatever package you decide upon to implement Smart Client Lifecycle Management we basically take the same approach


We’ll get to know your business plans and priorities to formulate an action plan.  We’ll also collect the information needed to set up your app and get going


You’ll get support in setting up and prioritising the functions that align with your key drivers.  This includes migrating contacts, adding users, add compny branding and build automations

Review and Refine

Review and report functions are used to identify succesful campaigns and those that need improvements.ings.

Recommended Software


We recommend KEAP Business Automation as the software to use since it provides the majority of tools in one place.  As Certified Partner we  have the inside track on it’s features and development.  Once you have the ideal tool our SCLM packages can guide you to get the best out of it and to ensure that your business grows and scales effectively.


As a KEAP Certified Partner we can offer you discounts on the software along with prebuilt automations.

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Take a look at our Packages that can support your implemetation of the KEAP Software:

Get all your tools together in one place to simplfy your regular tasks

  • CRM  – centralise customer data
  • Marketing automation – timely and appropriate messages
  • Sales Pipeline – organise new and repeat business
  • Online Sales – sell from your website
  • Appointments – avoid the back and forth
  • Analytics – data driven decisions
  • Integration – link with other apps
  • Collect Payments – Quote, Invoice and collect

Why do you need a CRM?

Helping you Avoid:

  • overly comitting to business development at the expence of current client management
  • overwhelm at the technical aspects
  • gaps when follwoing leads
  • missing conversions, additional sales and referrals
  • ineffective, unfocused and untested marketing

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Get all your information on one dashboard.  Know your priorities and understand what you need to do to build.


 “working with LEFf Business has given me a real sense of the whole life cycle of my clients and presented many options to manage processes automatically to ensure I don’t lose any opportunities. I’m now able to be more effective in using my time to best serve a much broader range of clients”


“working with LEFf Business has meant that we have reduced the amount of time it takes to administer many of the processes in running a complicated membership organisation,  new ideas and adaptations provided and implemented”

Neil Lloyd – Founder Zokit

Rhagori Ltd

“LEFf has set up our CRM (Keap) to nurture potential clients, automate appointment setting and communicate with current clients, our recent revision sessions were filled in a few days simply be emailing our list”

Rhagori Ltd


“By planning and putting the right systems in place, we now have a very active mailing list that is very responsive to any offering – which helps me manage the frequent “peaks and troughs” in my business.”

Manjula Bray


“LEFf has planned, implemented and adapted our systems effectively.  They have produced an ideal client lifecycle with automation that allow us to spend more time with members”

Neil Lloyd

Rhagori Ltd

“LEFf has set up our CRM (Keap) to nurture potential clients, automate appointment setting and communicate with current clients, our recent revision sessions were filled in a few days simply by emailing our list”


“LEFf was able to connect our CRM with tuition admin software that has allowed us to automate registration for clients and new tutors.  This has allowed us to continue trading despite a change in the law which makes the traditional tuition agency model very challenging”


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